Bespoke Software for Foster Care & Residential Childcare

DailyLogs is a communication and record-keeping database system. It helps workers to create accurate case notes and to communicate more effectively.

Workers can easily record incidents, observations, phone calls etc. in a way that encourages thoughtful interpretation of the event and prompts the worker to consider how the client could learn and develop from their experience. Records can be found by searching for any combination of: word, phrase, date range, client name, well-being indicator, or colour-coded tags e.g. Child Protection, Phone Calls.

The case-holding social worker can view logs at any time ensuring that they are always fully informed. Managers can access statistics with ease.

Easy to Use

The intuitive interface means that case notes can be read or written with ease. Although training and support are integral to the package, most workers will be able to use DailyLogs with minimal instruction.

Therapeutic Working

The system encourages workers to differentiate between facts, and views or opinions. This enables more accurate assessments leading to more effective care plans.

Clients can access their information and may add comments to their case notes. Working in partnership with carers helps clients to feel in control, increases assertiveness and boosts self esteem.

Designed for GIRFEC

Records are classified under the Scottish Government's "Getting it Right for Every Child" well-being indicators: Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible, Included. An auto-generated monthly synopsis for each child is classified by the well-being indicators.

Indicators can easily be changed for use in countries other than Scotland.

Safe and Secure

Modern encryption and security methods are used to ensure all data is available only to people who have the necessary clearance. The database is backed up every night. The encrypted backups are stored on a separate server to safeguard data integrity in the event of catastrophic failure.

For full compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and UK-GDPR, data is held on our secure uk-based servers and reports are auto-generated for subject access requests.