DailyLogs, the premier client record solution for residential childcare.

DailyLogs is used for day-to-day recording of events. From phone calls to violent incidents, major achievements to health appointments. The DailyLogs system stores each event under user-defined tags for easy retrieval from the database later.

Workers are prompted to explore the meaning behind the client's behaviour to enable a supportive response. Every record is classified under the Scottish Government's Wellbeing Indicators: Safe; Healthy; Achieving; Nurtured; Active; Responsible; Respected; Included.


Read or write logs on a PC in the office, with clients on a tablet, or out and about on your mobile!


Simple user interface means even the least "tech-savy" workers will find the system easy to use.


Users are assigned a range of privillages depending on their role. Specialised client interface.


Auto-generated handover reports. Export client records to PDF at any time.

How it works

Our solutions are provided as Software as a Service (SaaS). This means no complicated set-up for customers. The system is hosted and managed by Ethical Data Ltd on our secure servers.

As soon as your account is enabled you will be given your login details and you can start using the system through your browser on a PC, Mac, iPad, tablet or mobile phone. Updates, backups, and other database administration tasks are all handled by us.


You will be offered a free training session once your account is live. The system is designed to be simple and intuitive so that most users will be able to start using the system with minimal or no training required.

All users have access to support through our built-in ticketing system. Our aim is to resolve any issues within 24 hours.

Ethical Practice

Our solutions are designed to encourage workers to differentiate between facts, and views or opinions. This enables more accurate assessments leading to more effective care plans.

Clients can access their information and may add comments to the database. Working in partnership with carers helps clients to feel in control, increases assertiveness and boosts self esteem.